shelterisnotacrimeThe Land Action 4 will present their motion to dismiss at the hearing on May 20th, 9am at the René C. Davidson courthouse.

Thank you to everyone who came to the last 2 court dates. The overburdened courts were unfortunately unable to hear our motion since the first date on April 1st, but your support was heard loud and clear when the presiding judge decided to give us half a day on May 20th to present the motion to dismiss the charges brought against four Land Action volunteer organizers. To learn more about how criminal charges were brought against the LA 4 after occupying an abandoned home for shelter and commencing repairs on the property, please read our latest press release and the motion to dismiss filed with the Alameda Superior Court. Patrick Xu, one of the LA 4, was recently interviewed by the San Francisco BayView, speaking about the squatters' movement and housing as a human right.