Our programs focus on efficiently using our resources, including our legal system, and partnering with other sustainability-minded institutions to create affordable housing and urban agriculture.


Adverse Possession

assisting volunteer organizers to adversely possess unused and abandoned property 

Adverse possession provides a legal solution for organizers to reclaim unused land for housing and promoting sustainable land use. Land Action assists volunteer organizers through the process of identifying and occupying property. We also support the organizers in the face of a legal system and institutions that support the commodification of our communities over sustainable land use and housing for all.



working with the community to reclaim unused land for microfarms

Engaging the community to determine the residents' housing needs, Land Action guides grassroots organizers through the process of reclaiming vacant and unused lots, whether adversely possessed or otherwise, and constructing sustainable microfarms. The microfarms provide shelter for the stewards who help maintain the collective or community gardens.


Local Housing Coalition

supporting other local organizations working towards sustainable housing for all

Oakland, as well as many other communities in the Bay Area, is facing a housing crisis. Land Action is part of a growing coalition of organizations and institutions working towards the common goal of safe, affordable, and sustainable housing. We recognize our communities' housing needs require a broad range of solutions - from the designation of sanctioned encampments to permanent affordable and autonomous housing. Through our collective effort, Oakland can focus its resources to provide the necessary housing for every resident.