Steven DeCaprio is the CEO and Founder of Land Action. He is originally from the Florida Gulf Coast and came to Oakland, CA to be involved in music and political organizing. For over a decade he has been involved in housing struggles and advocacy in the Bay Area. He is known as an expert on occupying, improving, and repurposing abandoned property for the benefit of the community at large and for providing resources to environmental and social justice organizers. He was featured in the film "Shelter: a squatumentary," has been featured in numerous publications, and was named one of 12 Visionaries of 2012 by the Utne Reader.

Kelly Jewett is the COO of Land Action.  She has worked with Occupy the Farm and is coordinating with multiple urban farms and land trusts to create and sustain urban microfarms in Oakland.

Heather Freinkel is the Legal Director of Land Action. She is a California native. She earned her J.D.heather in trees from UC Hastings with a concentration in Public Interest Law. Heather currently practices in the area of public benefits advocacy, working as a staff attorney at Homeless Action Center in Berkeley. Heather has worked for progressive organizations including Tenants Together, The National Housing Law Project, Food Not Bombs, the National Lawyers' Guild, and the General Assistance Advocacy Project.

Angeles Gottheil serves as the CFO of Land Action. She grew up in southern California before profile photo smallattending college in Washington D.C. and then relocating to the Bay area. She is a financial professional using her skills as an investment advisor and her experience in the microfinance industry to promote practical and sustainable solutions to the current housing crisis. Angeles brings her experience in nonprofit management and financial planning to Land Action’s land reclamation efforts.


Hannah Dobbz is a founding board member of Land Action. She is a writer, editor, filmmaker, and former squatter. She is the author of the book Nine-Tenths of the Law which examines the history of squatting and property struggles in the United States. From 2004 and 2007, she filmed a documentary about squatters in the San Francisco East Bay called Shelter: A Squatumentary. She has toured extensively with the film, lecturing at conferences, universities, and community spaces across the country. She has written numerous articles about squatting and property law. She is also a founding board member of Land Action.

beckey kaye

Beckey Kaye is a founding board member of Land Action. She was born in Los Angeles and attended Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. In 1994, she received a full scholarship to Cornish College of the Arts Dance Department, but a bite from the wanderlust bug caused her to seek education elsewhere. She joined the street performance group Circus Dischordia, and went on to found Mimicry Libre Puppet Theatre. Later she moved to Indonesia immersing herself in study of traditional art as well as participating in local art communities. She has a degree in sculpture from the California College of Art, is currently in the San Francisco State University MFA program, and is a welding instructor.

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Teri-Dawn Elkins is currently a Project Collective Member for the 37th & West Collective Farm, which is supported by Land Action.  She previously served as Land Action's COO. Growing up farming in rural East Texas gave her a deep appreciation for the ecology, and the poverty around her taught her the importance of social justice. She has a Masters in Social Work specializing in non profit development and administration. She has been active with several social justice and environmental organizations in the U.S. and Latin America focusing on political observation, indigenous support, and ecology. Some of the organizations she has worked with include Austin Copwatch, Inside Books Project, Comite de Unidad Campesina (United Farmer’s Committee), and Black Mesa Indigenous Support Network.

sarah coffeySarah Coffey is the Midwest Regional Director of Land Action. She has done movement legal support for 15 years and was a founding member of the Midnight Special Law Collective. She answered the call for NLG Legal Observers in Ferguson a week after the death of Mike Brown and stayed for six months. During that time Sarah trained scores of Legal Observers, helped grow the St. Louis Legal Observer program and along with other activists, co-coordinated over 100 non-lawyer volunteers to offer legal support for protests that spanned months. Sarah is a board member of the Detroit and Michigan Chapter of the NLG and the Institute for Anarchist Studies. She works locally in Detroit on water rights, land justice and closing the digital divide, and nationally, to create a paradigm shift in power.

HayleySteeleSamara Hayley Steele served as Development Director of Land Action during the strategizing of the 100 Microfarm campaign in spring and summer of 2015.  Hayley has also worked at, co-organized a Humanities Sustainability Conference in 2009, and has been part of Slingshot News, Oakland Spring Rising, and the Omni Commons. She holds an MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Portland State University.

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