SIGN THE PETITION to Urge Oakland Policy Makers to Support Urban Microfarms! Land Action is ready to initiate 100 new urban farms in Oakland and Alameda County in the next 5 years by doing the logistical work to put tax-defaulted vacant properties into the ownership of land trust organizations that will designate the land for long-term agricultural and ecological use. Land Action is advocating that the City of Oakland support the creation of microfarms which include tiny homes providing low-cost housing for stewards so that we can preserve green space while also fighting gentrification. This year Land Action and our allies had a victory establishing an agreement with the City of Oakland to start the process of transferring surplus properties to establish urban farms. However, it is unclear if the City of Oakland will follow through with this plan. The City of Oakland and the Alameda County Tax Collector have required our land trust partners to pay between $13,000-$20,000 for each tax-defaulted property, and it is uncertain if this offer will remain open for a sufficient time to raise the money necessary. With this petition, we urge the Alameda County Tax Collector and the Oakland Mayor and City Council as follows: 1. Eliminate all charges, fines, liens, penalties, and back-taxes on tax-defaulted vacant properties that are to be sold to land trusts for the purpose of long-term (99+ years) community agricultural projects thus reducing the cost to the lowest amount possible so that the land may be preserved indefinitely for urban farming. 2.  Provide Land Action and our allies sufficient time to raise the funds to enable the transfer of these properties to land trusts. 3. Work with Land Action and our allies to create a comprehensive plan for distribution of tax-defaulted land to include the creation of a minimum of 100 farms in the next 5 years in the City of Oakland and surrounding areas utilizing the sites which have the highest potential for both access to clean soil as well as general environmental and social sustainability. 4. That we allow tiny homes on these farms so that we can create microfarms to provide opportunities for poor people, people of color, other marginalized people, and long-term residents to access low cost housing to protect our communities from displacement and gentrification. Please sign this petition, and call Alameda County Treasurer-Tax Collector, Donald R. White (510) 272-6803, Mayor Libby Schaaf (510) 238-3141, and members of the Oakland City Council to urge them to maintain their commitment to transfer tax-defaulted properties for microfarming land trusts!  Let's build a more sustainable food supply within our communities! [yawpp-form-1] Please provide your phone number above so that we can update you personally about the progress of this campaign and how you can continue to help as we move forward.


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100 Microfarms Petition
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