Founded in 2011, Land Action facilities an on-the-ground regenerative process to heal our cities and ecology.

We obtain properties for urban microfarms and organizer housing, creating support spaces for community-building while facilitating a locally grown urban food supply.

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  • Land Action is not charity.
  • Land Action is not leadership.
  • Land Action facilitates access to land resources for environmental and social justice organizers.
  • Land Action facilitates leadership among those who lack resources so that the mantle of leadership does not pass to those who benefit from inequity but rather those who struggle to overcome it.
  • Land Action is a revolutionary framework because revolution cannot exist without resources. What do we mean by revolution?
    • Revolution is a change in resource allocation to harmonize with environmental sustainability and social equity.
    • Both the goals and strategy of Land Action are revolutionary because both our strategy and our goals necessitate empowerment.

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